How to Delete File in Recycle Bin Automatically and Periodically

Have you ever felt the performance your laptop/PC slower? Or your space in hardisk increasingly reduce but your file in hardisk not much? Maybe the reason of that’s answer because the file in Recycle Bin. Have you ever know, type DELETE or delete file with manual action (right click then delete), the file not be deleted one hundred percent. That file will be safe in Recycle Bin. This is useful, if you delete the wrong file (maybe because careless), so you can restore it. But, file in Recycle Bin is one factor to responsibility with performance laptop/pc. So, there is a way how to delete file in recycle bin automatically and periodically.

But … if you want delete file with permanent, just click SHIFT + DELETE, that fill will delete forever and not be saved in Recycle Bin. There is a simple way, you can use feature Task Scheduler. This feature to delete file in Recycle Bin automatically and periodically.

Delete File in Recycle Bin Automatically and Periodically

This is the simple tutorial:

1. First, open windows run with do type WinKey + R, then type taskschd.msc. This type for open Task Scheduler.


2. Click the option Create Basic Task.


3. Input the name the Task and description (for description is not mandatory). Then, click Next.


4. This is for delete automatically and periodically. Choose as you want, it can daily, weekly, monthly, etc. For the example is weekly. After that, click Next.


5. Specify when the auto-deletion schedule starts, then click Next.


6. Choose Start a program and click Next.


7. Now, input script/program. First, type cmd.exe. add “Add Argument”, don’t forget input script below. After that, click Next.

/c “eco Y|PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin”


8. Click Finish, done.


Maybe next time, you don’t want to use this task, you can delete it. Open Task Scheduler Library, find the task name you create, right click and click DELETE.

Thereby how to delete file in recycle bin automatically and periodically

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