How to Display Icon Bluetooth Windows 10

Bluetooth still one of important connection this era, it is good to smartphone or PC/laptop. Sometimes we, as user windows 10 have little problem with bluetooth which one icon bluetooh in windows 10 is missing.

So, if you got that problem (icon bluetooth windows 10 is missing), this is tutorial how to show up icon bluetooth.

Display Icon Bluetooth Windows 10

This is step by step to display icon bluetooth in windows 10.

1. Activate bluetooth in Windows 10 (required)

How to Display Icon Bluetooth Windows 10

The first reason why icon bluetooth in windows 10 is missing because you not yet activate bluetooth in your device. So, the first step, you must activate bluetooth in your device.

There are several ways to activate bluetooth in windows 10. One of them was from menu setting. Setting > Device > Bluetooth & other devices or you can activate from Action Center.

2. Display icon Bluetooth in notification area


If you already activate bluetooth in your device but the icon not display, you have one thing you have to do. You must activate option to display icon bluetooth at notification area windows 10.

At bluetooth menu setting use option “More Bluetooth option”, after that you must checklist at menu “Show the Bluetooth icon in notification area”, then click Ok and done.

If both steps above you already to do, the icon bluetooth will display.

Thereby how to display icon bluetooth windows 10

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