How to Change User Folder Name in Windows

At ecosystem windows, system will keep every user at windows in user folder. Where that folder has all file with users like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, etc. But if you want to change, that’s not be easy because you cannot just rename that folder. Need a little trick to do that. So, how to change user folder name in windows.

Change User Folder Name in Windows

First you need is to know SID (security identifier) from folder you want change the name. Open Command prompt (CMD) as Administrator (right click and choose Run as Administrator), then type wmic useraccount list full.

How to Change User Folder Name in Windows

Look at the SID, where that value account that want be change user folder Copy that value from SID and make sure the name folder was right. Then navigate to folder Profile (usually in C:\Users\), then rename folder you want.


This is not done. Then, open Windows Run (Win + R) and type regedit for open Registry Editor.


Then navigate to:
At subfolder ProfileList, search SID with same at Command Prompt.


Click twice at subfolder. Then at right panel, click twice at key ProfilelmagePath and rename to new name you want change.


The last, close that Registry Editor and restart your windows.

Thereby How to Change User Folder Name in Windows. This trick you can applied at windows 10, windows 8.x, and windows 7.

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