10 Triks How to Restart in Windows 10

Usually, doing restart is one factor to simple ways fix windows problem. Except to fix the problem, restart usually do after install a software to make that software work in optimum. And, how much you know ways to restart? Just you know, restart in windows was 10 ways how to restart in windows 10.

Regardless of whatever reason you want to restart, this tutorial to give you some restart in windows 10. Maybe 1 of the 10 ways restart maybe you like.

10 Ways How to Restart in Windows

So, this is some tutorial 10 ways how to restart in windows 10.

1. Via Start Menu

This is the first way and maybe this most often to do some people. Just navigate Start Menu at bottom left corner, then click at logo power and choose Restart.

10 Ways How to Restart in Windows 10

2. Via WinX Menu

You can do restart from power menu or usually call that WinX (Win + X) menu. To open WinX Menu (to open WinX menu can from shortcut or do right click at Start Menu), then open menu Shutdown or sign out - Restart.


3. Via menu ALT + F4

You can just do shortcut when at desktop, when dialog window open, you can choose drop-down and choose men Restart.


4. Via Command Prompt

Open command prompt, you can run command prompt with as Administrator or without as Administrator. The type command shutdown/r then automatically windows do restart.


5. Via PowerShell

This is same as via Command Prompt, you can type same command at PowerShell. Open PowerShell with or without as Administrator, then type command shutdown/r.

6. Via Windows Run

Like at command prompt and PowerShell. You can type same command. Open Windows Run (Win + R), the type command shutdown/r.


7. Via Lock Screen

You can do restart when lock screen. Where option power will show up at login screen, at bottom right and have option do restart.

8. Via CTRL + ALT + DEL

To do tat just use shortcut CTRL + ALT + DEL. Then at option restart will show up at bottom corner, same as Lock Screen.

9. Via Cortona

You can give order voice command to Cortona to do restart. Navigate to Cortona, the say command “Restart PC”. So, Cortona will do that command and system will restart.

10. Via Physical Power Button

The last ways to restart is via physical power button at PC/Laptop. Maybe this way little rough, but often be last option when PC/Laptop at freeze/crash.

Thereby 10 ways how to restart in windows 10.

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