How to Restore Lost/Deleted Files in Flashdisk

There are so many factors to make files in your flashdisk was lost or deleted. Maybe be deleted by accidentally, list because virus computer, or because physical like flashdisk is dropped, revoked during read/write process, etc. So, how to restore lost/deleted files in flashdisk.

If you want to restore, so you will use software recovery file. There are so many software recovery files you can use like:

  • Puran File Recovery
  • Glary Undelete
  • Pandora Recovery
  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

But, I will choose Recuva. Except this software is free and powerful, this software was developed by trusted developer who is also the developer of the popular CCleaner app.

Restore Lost/Deleted Files in Flashdisk Using Recuva

How to Restore LostDeleted Files in Flashdisk

First, download and install software Recuva.

That’s software has two versions, free or pro. The version free was good to used.

Second, Scan lost Files in Flashdisk

  1. Then open software Recuva, so do scan file in your flashdisk.
  2. The first process that’s will show up wizard. You choose type of files you search – is that photos, documents, music, videos, compressed files, or you can choose all type.
  3. For location file lost, you must sure choose In a specific location > Browse > Choose drive USB flashdisk.
  4. Then click Next > Start and wait Recuva found lost/deleted files in your flashdisk.
  5. In a short time, you will find some lost/deleted files in your flashdisk. Some details you need to notice are colors or circle, filename, and state. The green color that’s mean state Excellent, so the lost/deleted files can restore. But the red color mean state Unrecoverable, so the files cannot restore. The orange color mean State Poor, the files can restore but there is a possibility of corrupted files.
  6. So, if the file was in color green, just checklist and choose Recover.
  7. Then, choose the location file you save.
  8. Done you can access the file.

Notebook: Not all lost/deleted file can good recover. There is a possibility of corrupted files. There is cannot restore. The files cannot restore, or the files corrupted can be happened because the place lost/deleted file maybe overwritten. So, you must do faster to do recover files when you recognize the files lost/deleted.

Thereby How to Restore Lost/Deleted Files in Flashdisk.

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