How to Turn off Update Windows 10 for Saving Internet Quota

Like or dislike, windows 10 will do update automatically, when windows 10 has new update release, so, windows 10 PC/laptop will update automatically. So, this article will show you how to turn off update windows 10 in 2 simple ways.

Back to how to turn off windows 10 update, now Microsoft not do Windows 10 as software like version Windows before, but do service the name Windows-as-Service. That mean Windows 10 will automatically download and install update whenever and as often as Microsoft wants, for make your device will keep update with feature and newest security patch.

Absolutely there is an option to Pause Update in Windows 10 pro and above, but this option just delayed update just maximal 35 days. After that Windows 10 will update and cannot pause.

Although automatically update is the best option for users, but not all users like that. Example for you have limited internet quota, that’s sure you not want internet quote quickly exhausted because update windows 10.

How to Turn off Update Windows 10

The first step to turn off update windows 10 from Local Group Policy Editor. The tutorial just type gpedit.msc at search column windows 10 and press Enter.

Local Group Policy Editor will show up. After that browse to Computer Configuration\Administratve Tempelates\Windows Component\Windows Update.

At Configure Automatic Update, just do double click for open.

How to Turn off Update Windows 10 for Saving Internet Quota

At configuration in top left, choose Enable, then at configuration in bottom, there are some option you can choose. Choose number 2 – notify for download and notify for install.


What that mean? That mean windows 10 not do update as automatically, but will show notification download and notification install when the update already exists. If you want download and update just press Apply and Ok.

But the tutorial above for prevent download patch and minor update, and you cannot do the second step for prevent download update mayor automatically.

The second step is change option internet settings you use become Metered Connection. The tutorial just open Settings > Network & Internet > Change connection properties > at option Metered Connection, change the option to On.

Therefore windows 10 will not download file mayor update as background. And with combinations the first step to prevent download minor update automatically, this 2 ways will help you to saving internet quota.

But, you cannot recommend for turn off windows update as permanent. Because you cannot get the newest security patch, that’s little danger.

Thereby how to turn off update windows 10 for saving internet quota.

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