7 Useful Features Windows 10 that You Probably Never Know

Maybe windows 10 is the last windows version. For the net future, will be developed and get new updates, but without new version. This is ambitious plan, but make sense. And have 7 useful features windows 10 that you probably never know.

So, the feature windows 10 maybe have thousand, maybe have one ore two feature windows 10 you never used. Maybe that feature very useful to you

7 Useful Features Windows 10

So, this is the useful features windows 10 that’s help you, maybe.

1. Virtual Desktop

7 Useful Features Windows 10 that You Probably Never Know

Maybe this feature inspired OS-X that have virtual desktop, Microsoft make this feature in windows 10. This is the useful and great feature. You determine your own how many virtual desktop will use. Then you can go the other application window between virtual desktop.

How to use virtual desktop? Just click button Multitasking at right Cortona or you can click shortcut Windows + Tab. You can change viewed virtual desktop with navigate Setting > System > Multitasking. For to go desktop mode, you just click Ctrl + Windows and button arrow right or left.

2. Task Scheduler


Just you know, Task Scheduler has existed in Windows 95. But Windows 10 make this feature more powerful with extra system task like IFFT (If This Then That). The point we can setting arrange task that are mutually trigged. Example, if you want open specific application, so the other application will open automatically.

How to access this feature is simple. Just type Task Scheduler at windows search, then you make some setting about application you want open automatically. Next, PC will do that setting you made.

3. Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool

Now, windows strengthen security issues. Windows Defender is the application to protected windows 10 as very secure. Even the update windows 10 become more advanced from the other OS from protect malware attack, example in case Ransomware Wannacry.

Maybe you probably don’t know, windows 10 has tool Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, this is for protect from malware attack running at background.

4. Spaces on Disk are Narrower? That’s not problem


Maybe you have known about Disk Cleanup, but this feature more powerful and fix file update problem that accumulate and fill storage. You just use this feature to remove all junk software. Choose Clean up system file for looking file at hard disk. Except that, to open that is easy. Just type Disk Cleanup at search.

5. Check File Lost and Error

Now, file lost and error that’s not problem. At least has a little trick you can try. First you must open Command Prompt with type “cmd” at search bar. Right click at Command Prompt then choose Run as administrator.

Type “sfc /scannow” to run System File Checker that’s will found file lost at your software, or maybe the OS Windows. Except that, you can use command “chkdsk/f” for checking problem at your drive.

6. Print to PDF

Now, you can use feature windows 10 and browser to save content to PDF. How to do that is so easy. Whatever browser you use, find option print.


After that, choose option Print to PDF or Adobe PDF. You can get PDF version from the content browser.


Not only that, you can print file from word or excel to pdf without use other software. This is default feature from windows 1- and MS Office since Office 2013.

7. Recording Screen

This feature will get at Creator Update era. Absolutely this is for gamers for screen recording gaming activity. But, this feature not only gamers. This feature can used for people who want to make tutorial drawing. Or to explain about chart to any friend. You just click button Windows + G to active this feature.

Thereby 7 useful features windows 10 that you probably never know.

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