How to Block Certain Wi-Fi on OS Windows

When you access menu Wi-Fi on taskbar, so it will show up list of Wi-fi already exist. This is help you to connect Wi-Fi with fast, easy, and instant. But, sometimes the list of wi-fi that show up in menu taskbar very much. That’s make you confuse. So how to block certain wi-fi on OS windows.

Why must be block certain wi-fi? Maybe the list wi-fi very much, that make you confuse to find wi-fi that you want. So, if you bloc certain wi-fi, maybe that’s help you.

Block Certain Wi-Fi on Windows

So, this is little trick how to block certain wi-fi on OS windows.

1. First open Command Prompt as Administrator (type CMD on windows search, right click at Command Prompt and choose Run as administrator).

How to Block Certain Wi-Fi on OS Windows

2. Then you find wi-fi that you want to block. This trik need name of wi-fi you want to block. Example the name is “Putra-sf”. And type this command below.

netsh wlan add filter permission=block ssid="Putra-sf" networktype=infrastructure

3. When you execute that command, so the name of wi-fi you add on list blacklist will not show up and you never see that name of wi-fi and cannot connect to that name wi-fi.

How to Unblock Certain Wi-Fi on Windows

Maybe you want to unblock certain wi-fi that has already you block before. So, this is little trick to do that.

1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

2. Then type this command for unblock SSID. If you forget name SSID you add at list blacklist, you can use this command below.

netsh wlan show filters

3. If you have already known the name of SSID that you blacklist, type this command below. The red mark you can change the name SSID yours.

netsh wlan delete filter permission=block ssid="Putra-sf" networktype=infrastructure


4. When the command has executed, so the name si-fi will delete from list blacklist. So, you can see the wi-fi on taskbar and can connect.

Thereby how to block certain wi-fi on OS windows, except the above trick to block certain wi-fi, you can use third party apps to do that.

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